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We Buy Surplus SMT Assy Equipment
Cash Offers for Equipment and Brokerage Services Available!

We buy the full range of electronic assembly equipment including all name brands of Screen Printers, Pick and Place Machines, Reflow Ovens, Routers, Wave Soldering Machines, AOI, Conveyors/Board Handling, etc.

Chip Mounter
1. Siemens HS50, HS60, D1,D3, D4
2. Juki 2050, 2060,2070,2080,FX1R
3. Fuji CP642E ,CP643E, CP742E, CP842E, XP243E, NXT, NXTII
4. Panasonic CM401, DT401, CM402A , CM602A
5. Panasonic MSH3, MV2F,MV2VB, MSR, HT122, HT132, BM221,BM231
6. Sanyo TCM3500Z
7. Universal HSP4796B, 4797B,4797L
8. Philips FCM2,AX201,AX501
9. Hitachi TCM-X100J, GXH1S, GXH3S,GXH-1J , GXH-3J
10. Yamaha YV100XG, YG200, YS12

Through Hole
a. Universal 2596B,2596C, 6287B, 6241F, 6380A, 6380B
b. Panasonic RH3 LL , RHS2, RHS2B, AVK3, AVK2B, RG131

Please help to source in your region, and provide best pricing with detail.