V3 Engineering provides a best Source and Supply Service to assist companies acquire or dispose of Second User and Surplus Electronics Assembly equipment.
We have an extensive network and comprehensive knowledge to assist you in making optimal purchasing decisions. We will help you to match the best equipment available to your specific requirements. Our constantly growing network of suppliers and users, allows us to locate quality, used equipment within a very short timeframe.
Our success is determined by yours.

Contact us today if you are looking to BUY:


*Pick and place equipment

*Conveyors & PCB Transport Systems

*Reflow ovens



*PCB inspection equipment

Contact us today if you are looking to SELL:

If you have surplus equipment, please contact us and we will either offer to buy your equipment or work to find you a buyer through our extensive contact network. We can source buyer for one machine or in the event of a complete factory closure.


*Fast correspondence

*Transaction in confidential way

*Price optimization

*Guarantee received payment in full